John Chua | 39 years old | Financial Advisor  


" Losing hair made me really depressed and conscious about what people around me were thinking and commenting. After trying out Yun Nam’s treatments for 6 months, my hair condition came totally under control; I’d even started to grow new hair! Having a brand new image means that I can go to work, feeling happy and confident about myself. "


Hair Care Expert :

John’s scalp was badly clogged and lacking in nutrition. I used a customized herbal treatment to cleanse away the oil, rebalancing the sebaceous gland. I proceeded to massage his scalp, using a special plant based essence meant to strengthen the hair roots.  I also made sure to check his scalp during every other treatment and would alternate the treatments according to its condition. I’ve been following John’s progress closely and am glad to say that he is on his way to having a head full of thick glossy hair again!


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